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Tuesday, January, 15th 
8:00pm to 9:00pmEST
Topic: Power and the Power of Apologies in Understanding Post-Transgression Responses
Presenter: Professor C. Ward Struthers

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Webinar Description: 
Social bonds are crucial for the survival of human beings. However, in the process of developing and maintaining relationships, people commit transgressions that jeopardize their social bonds. In this talk, I will show how, why, and when victims’ social power influences their motivation to seek revenge, harbour a grudge, or forgive transgressors following a transgression. This research is important because it demonstrates that victims and transgressors can play an active role in the reconciliation process.


C. Ward Struthers is a professor of psychology at York University in Toronto Canada where he has worked since 1996. He received his PhD from the University of Manitoba in 1995 and was a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) from 1994 until 1996. He was the recipient of the Department of Psychology Undergraduate Teaching Award in 1999 and the Faculty of Graduate Studies Teaching Award in 2010. For the past 25 years, his program of research has primarily focused on answering three questions. What intrapersonal psychological factors associated with victims of a transgression might influence their decision to seek revenge, harbor a grudge, or forgive? What interpersonal factors associated with transgressors might influence victims’ post-transgression responses? What psychological mechanisms can explain why the intrapersonal and interpersonal factors influence victims’ post-transgression responses? His research is relevant to a broad range of interpersonal relationships including romantic, familial, friendship, and coworker, and timely, real world issues including relationship satisfaction.

November 20th 8:00pm to 9:00pmEST
Applying Positive Psychology in Psychotherapy 

Presenter:  Margarita Tarragona, PhD 

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Webinar Description:

Would you like to bring the science of well-being to your psychotherapy, counseling, social work or guidance counseling practice? Join us on November 20th from 8pm to 9pm EST. In this webinar you will learn a conceptual framework to integrate different aspects of positive psychology into your therapeutic practice. If you are interested in knowing more about how positive psychology can enrich your work as a therapist, please join us for this webinar! 


Margarita Tarragona is one of the top experts in the world who specializes in applying positive psychology in psychotherapy. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Chicago and trained in Family Therapy at the Ackerman Institute in NYC and The Family Institute of Northwestern University. Margarita is the president of the Mexican Positive Psychology Association, she is on the board of advisors of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), and is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology of the University of Melbourne. She co-founded and teaches in Grupo Campos Elíseos, a training center for therapists in Mexico City and is adjunct faculty of the Wholebeing Institute where she teaches in the CIPPLA program (Certificate in Positive Psychology, Latin America). She is the author of Positive Identities: Positive Psychology and Narrative Practices (2012).

Tuesday, October 23rd 8:00pm to 9:00pmEST
Topic: READY WILLING AND ABLE! The Science and Art of Stronger, Sexier, Smarter Ageing
Presenter: Elaine O’Brien 

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Webinar Description:

This webinar is offered to help you rethink aging: your own, your parents, children, family and friends. Dr Elaine O’Brien will encourage you to get a grip, gather your resources and “play nice” as we all approach older ages. Here the goal in mind is to encourage care and understanding about ourself, our environments, and others, especially our elder/older population and inter generationally. There is hope.
Elaine will highlight positive health tips, tools, and the Legacy Effect. She will share her doctoral research demonstrating positive emotion in motion, character development, lifestyle as Medicine, positive relations, self-determination, and vibrancy from a study of “built” community of active, fit women 56-84 years FitDancing together over time.

PERMAsize will be introduced with respect to advancing theory, research and practice of aging vibrantly at home, work/school, and at play.

Elaine O’Brien Biography 

Positive Psychology specialist, Elaine O’Brien earned a 2015 PhD, 2008 MAPP, and holds a BA: Psychology & Urban/Outdoor Environment. Dr Elaine O’Brien leads webinars, trainings, and workshops internationally and online. Elaine is considered a foremost authority on Positive Health, Fitness Science, Performance/Training, and Positively Aging Well. A passionate, skilled Dance/Movement Leader, Elaine enjoys connecting groups of people and elevating performance, proprioception and fun. Elaine designs and delivers customized Educational Programs increase quality of health, learning and vibrancy. Elaine’s website is

Elaine is a leader in IPPA’s Positive Health and Wellness Division where is an Associate Editor of the Chronicle and Host/Lead of the new Webinar series. Elaine writes about Positive Psychology and Fitness research, practice, policy and events, including for the MAPP Magazine (UPenn), Positive Psychology News Daily, and has led Positive Energy Breaks, including for Martin Seligman’s MAPP Classes.

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