Pre-Conference Workshops

Full Day Workshops

Workshop 1:

Character Strengths Interventions: How Practitioners Can Boost Flourishing and Foster Resilience

Presented by:

Dr. Ryan Niemiec


What is the latest science revealing about character strengths interventions? What is the difference between character strengths and talents, skills, and other types of strengths human beings have? How do I use the science of character strengths in my work as a practitioner? This interactive workshop will answer these questions.

Workshop 2:

Educational Resilience

Presented by:

 Renee Jain


In this workshop you will learn 5 practical, science-backed strategies that will help students from kindergarten through to Grade 12 transform their emotional life. The outcome will be students who flourish socially, emotionally, and academically. We will specifically work on:

  1. Transforming Stress
  2. Transforming Anxiety
  3. Transforming Anger
  4. Transforming Perfectionism
  5. Transforming Disengagement

Half Day: Morning Workshops

Workshop 3:

Building Flourishing Organizations: An “Unconference” on Applying Positive Psychology at Work

Facilitated by:

Lisa Sansom, Andrew Soren, Jan Stanley, Paddy Steinfort & Shannon Waffen


As Positive Psychology continues to grow and mature, more and more practitioners are becoming interested in how to apply its learnings in organizational contexts. This session is designed for participants who want to bring their own questions and learn from their peers, in an “unconference” format that will harness the expertise and energy of everyone in the room.

Workshop 4:

Mindfulness Programs in Positive Psychology

Presented by:

Itai Itzvan


Mindfulness meditation is one of the most popular interventions in psychology – while positive psychology (PP) is the fastest developing branch of psychology.  What happens when these two are brought together?

This workshop will explore the points of convergence between mindfulness and PP.

Half Day: Afternoon Workshops 

Workshop 5:

Stories for Human Flourishing: Incorporating Narrative Practices in Positive Psychology Work

Presented by:

Margarita Tarragona


In this workshop we will learn how exploring peopleĀ“s life stories through the lens of positive psychology can help them strengthen their relationships, reconnect with their values, progress towards their goals and find more meaning. It is theoretical and practical: providing skills that participants can apply in their life and work.

Workshop 6:

The HOW of Eudaimonia at Work: Creating PERMA-Culture in Your Organization

Presented by:

Andrew Soren & Jan Stanley


In our reshaped, interconnected and hyper-transparent world, HOW we behave at work can be a competitive advantage. This interactive session explores how we can design flourishing organizations that enable eudaimonia in our everyday pursuits.

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