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Introduction to MSC (Mindful Self-Compassion) Workshop

  • 12 Jun 2015
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • CSI Regent Park: Room 02 - 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON


  • Will need to show student ID card upon arrival

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Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop:

June 12, 2015


Facilitators: Eileen & Rainer Beltzner

Work Shop Description:

How do you typically react to difficulties in life such as work stress, rejection, physical problems, or financial hardships? Do you instinctively fight uncomfortable experiences or find fault in yourself when things go wrong? What if, instead, you took a moment to comfort and soothe yourself when you felt bad – as you would do for others? Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It’s the heart of mindfulness. Research has shown that it boosts happiness, reduces anxiety and depression, and can even help you stick to your diet and exercise routine. In the full MSC Training program developed by Kristin Neff Ph.D. and Christopher Germer Ph.D., you learn how to: 

 Stop being so hard on yourself

 Understand the empirically supported benefits of self-compassion

 Respond to feelings of failure or inadequacy with self-kindness 

 Handle difficult emotions with greater ease 

 Motivate yourself with encouragement rather than self-criticism

 Manage caregiver fatigue

 Transform your relationships, both old and new 

 Practice mindfulness and self-compassion exercises in everyday life

In this introductory session, participants are provided with an opportunity to experience several exercises, as well as one of the key meditations – the Mindful Self Compassion Break, used in the MSC program. It will also include an opportunity to learn more about the full MSC Training Program, links to MSC resources and, becoming a qualified MSC Teacher. 

*Light Refreshments to be Served*

More About Our Speakers:

Eileen Beltzner:

Eileen is a Social Worker, an Empathy Fatigue Recovery and Prevention Specialist, and a trained MSC teacher. She is an author and a published researcher. In 1989 she received the “Mary Neville Award” for her work in the areas of prevention and early interventions in children’s mental health services. Her interest in self-compassion began in 2009 while she was researching components that might prevent or reduce empathy fatigue in healthcare providers. Since 2009, Eileen has been incorporating self-compassion practices in her work with teachers, health-care professionals and other clients. She became a trained MSC teacher so she could teach other professionals about MSC’s therapeutic value, not only for the people they serve but for themselves as well. In January 2015 this intention became a reality and Eileen taught, along with her husband Rainer, the first 8-week MSC course ever to be offered in this part of Canada.

Rainer Beltzner:

Rainer is a seasoned business professional, consultant, teacher, board director and retired KPMG partner who, over the past four decades has experienced the realities of large corporate structures, politics and interpersonal conflicts on a national and international basis. Throughout his career, he has mentored clients, staff and friends as they struggled with business, career and personal challenges. Rainer completed a five-day intensive mindful self-compassion (MSC) program with Kristin Neff Ph.D. and Christopher Germer Ph.D. and personally experienced its benefits. Rainer continues to expand his knowledge about and experience with mindfulness, mindful self-compassion and mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. He completed his formal MSC teacher training with Kristin Neff, Chris Germer, Steve Hickman and Michelle Becker through the University of California, San Diego, Centre for Mindfulness and is recognized as a “Trained MSC Teacher”. Rainer has co-presented the full 8-week MSC training program as well as introductory MSC workshops.

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