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Positive psychology is a topic area within the field of psychology that seeks to provide scientific answers to the question "What is the good life?" Positive psychology is not a modality for treating psychological disorders. The Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA) offers learning opportunities about positive psychology through educational events such as workshops and conferences. CPPA does not offer psychological services of any kind. Anyone seeking counseling, therapy or other forms of (mental) health services is advised to consult a licensed (mental) health services professional. Membership in CPPA does not provide members with any credentials or certification to practice, does not qualify someone as a psychologist, or allow them to offer psychological services.

Upcoming events

    • 05 Oct 2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • 22 Mar 2020
    • 6:00 PM
    • Toronto, ON

    The CPPA is proud to work in partnership with the Flourishing Centre to bring the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program to our Canadian community.

    CAPP graduates feel empowered that they know the science behind happiness, well-being and flourishing, so that when people say, “Why should I invest in becoming happier?” Graduates can share facts like, “Research shows happy people are physically healthier, they have stronger social networks, they achieve more and have even been found to live longer.”

    Certification offers personal and professional rewards to the individual who attains it. Because the CAPP program is ICF approved to award CCE hours, coaches receive a total of 36 CCE's upon graduation. Certification validates specialty knowledge, enhances professional credibility, and contributes to feelings of personal accomplishment.

    This certification program consists of 7 On Sites that meet at an on-site location and 17 Distance Learning Modules that meet virtually. (The location of the on-site meetings will be announced as the dates get closer.) All On Sites meet from 9 AM - 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

    CAPP Toronto will begin on Oct 5, 2019.

    • OS 1 (Positivity) Oct 5 & 6, 2019
    • OS 2 (Positivity) Nov 2 & 3, 2019
    • OS 3 (Engagement) Dec 7 & 8, 2019
    • OS 4 (Relationships) Jan 4 & 5, 2020
    • OS 5 (Meaning) Feb 1 & 2, 2020
    • OS 6 (Achievement) Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2020
    • OS 7 (Vitality) Mar 21 & 22, 2020

    The Distance Learning Module schedule is available upon registration. All On Sites and Distance Learning classes are recorded in case you’re absent, so you never miss the content.

    The facilitator for this cohort is: Greg Evans

    Registration Options

    Option 1 :: Pay In Full CAD $5995  (Save $500 off program price of $6495)   Pay Only $5,495 (Early Bird - Save another $500, Register by July 7,2019)

    Option 2 :: Payment Plan CAD $6,495 CAD  (Early Bird - Save $500, Register by July 7,2019)

    For more info and/or to register, click here!

    • 10 Oct 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • 1 Balmoral Ave, Toronto, ON, M4V 3B9 - near St Clair and Yonge - Green P parking on Rosehill Ave.

    We Want You!

    Come join us for our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We appreciate our members more than anything and we look forward to hearing from you at the AGM. Join us to learn about our strategic and operational updates, what is coming soon for members and, most importantly, how you can get engaged. It is through your support, feedback and participation that the CPPA is able to continue to grow and help Canadians flourish. Register now and be part of the community.

    Notice of Annual General Meeting

    Notice is hereby given that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA) will be held on Thursday, Oct 10, 2019online or live in Toronto for the following purposes:

    1. To approve the minutes from the previous AGM.
    2. To receive the Report from the Chair of the CPPA Board and the President’s Report.
    3. To receive the Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 2018. A copy of the accounts will be available for review in the members-only section of the CPPA website prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    4. To re-elect the members of the Board of Directors, and elect new Board members.
    5. To review and approve any changes to CPPA By-laws and Articles.
    6. To review a draft of the CPPA policies document. A copy of the policies document will be available for review in the members-only section of the CPPA website prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    By order of the board,

    Bill Craig

    President & Chair, Canadian Positive Psychology Association 

    Note: ONLY active members can vote.  A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to vote, and attend, instead of him/her. A proxy need not be a member of CPPA. Instructions on proxy voting are available below. 

    CPPA members and non-members may attend the AGM in-person or online. Click here to register for online access instructions.

    AGM Relevant Documents:

    Please review these documents at your leisure prior to the meeting

    CPPA Official By-Laws.pdf

    Proxy Voting (from Bylaws).pdf

    CPPA 2017 Financial Statements.pdf

Past events

08 Feb 2019 Applying Positive Psychology in Psychotherapy
21 Jan 2019 Annual General Meeting 2018
12 Dec 2018 2018 Holiday Party
27 Oct 2018 Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) 2018/2019 - Calgary, AB
22 Sep 2018 Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) 2018/2019 - Toronto, ON
25 May 2018 FRIDAY ONLY - The 4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology
24 May 2018 Tom Rath's Keynote
24 May 2018 THURSDAY ONLY - The 4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology
23 May 2018 The 4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology
23 May 2018 Dr. Ryan Niemiec's Keynote and President's Reception
23 May 2018 Pre-Conference - Workshop 6: The HOW of Eudaimonia at Work
23 May 2018 Pre-Conference - Workshop 5: Stories for Human Flourishing
23 May 2018 Pre-Conference - Workshop 2: Educational Resilience
23 May 2018 Pre-Conference - Workshop 1: Character Strengths Interventions
23 May 2018 Pre-Conference - Workshop 4: Mindfulness Programs in Positive Psychology
23 May 2018 Pre-Conference - Workshop 3: Building Flourishing Organizations
23 May 2018 1st Canadian Scientific Meeting on Well-Being
07 Dec 2017 Winter Wonderland Holiday Adventure
14 Jul 2017 KEEP CALM AND LAUGH ON - A Comedy Event
12 Jul 2017 Psychologie Positive au sein de la francophonie, perspectives et prospective
08 Jun 2017 Mindfulness in Positive Psychology
23 May 2017 L'approche appréciative, un moteur positif de transformation sociale
19 Apr 2017 Gratitude et bien-être physique, mental et social
12 Apr 2017 Crafting a Life that Matters
21 Feb 2017 From Grateful to Great: How Practicing Gratitude Improves Schools and Families
06 Dec 2016 2016 Holiday Party
20 Sep 2016 Three Myths that Start in Education and Misguide us in Life™
07 Sep 2016 Exploring Human Resource Development from a Positive Psychology Perspective: New Insights for Research and Practice
15 Jun 2016 The 3rd Conference on Positive Psychology: Exhilarate!
04 May 2016 Mastermind Webinar: Helping Kids Transform Stress into Success
07 Apr 2016 Second wave positive psychology: Exploring the dialectics of flourishing
31 Mar 2016 Promouvoir la santé mentale et le bien-être des enfants en offrant l’atelier « Parler pour que les enfants écoutent; Écouter pour que les enfants parlent »
28 Mar 2016 Full Conference Video Recordings for the 2nd Educating for Resilience Conference - November 2015
09 Mar 2016 Mastermind Meeting: Building Character at KIPP STRIVE Academy
18 Feb 2016 How Research is Helping Solve the Procrastination Puzzle
21 Jan 2016 Éduquer les enfants avec la psychologie positive
01 Dec 2015 Le bien-être en enseignement : comment réussir à le ressentir malgré la complexité du métier?
25 Nov 2015 Flourishing in Schools: Understanding the work of teaching, leading and learning in schools from a positive organizational perspective
07 Nov 2015 2015 Educating For Resilience Conference
06 Nov 2015 VIA Character Strengths – One-Day Intensive for Teachers
14 Oct 2015 The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: Harnessing Human Energy to Create A Positive Organizational Climate
25 Sep 2015 Virtues-based leadership, well-being, organizational citizenship behaviour and performance
17 Sep 2015 Transforming Dialogue ​: 5 Foundational Qualities of Solution Focused Brief Coaching​
07 Jul 2015 4 Week Applied Mindfulness Meditation
25 Jun 2015 Building Organizational Resilience
22 Jun 2015 The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: Harnessing Human Energy to Create A Positive Organizational Climate
17 Jun 2015 Respirer le bonheur, un souffle à la fois: Être présent comme moyen de cultiver le bonheur
12 Jun 2015 Introduction to MSC (Mindful Self-Compassion) Workshop
20 Apr 2015 A Three Month Positive Education Journey With Happiness, Laughter and Humour: In the Real World of Grade Seven Students
15 Apr 2015 How To Use Positive Psychology To Build Resilience
25 Mar 2015 La rétroaction orientée vers le changement en milieu sportif : Un outil pour favoriser l’autonomie, la motivation, l’estime de soi et le bien-être des athlètes
26 Feb 2015 Promoting Healthy Relationships to Prevent Bullying
29 Jan 2015 Soutenir l’autogestion de la dépression : Pourquoi et comment redonner du pouvoir aux personnes en rétablissement?
10 Dec 2014 Healthy Hedonism for the Holidays:­ A Lecture and Workshop with Veronika Huta, Ph.D.
26 Nov 2014 Posttraumatic growth: Moving beyond resilience
22 Sep 2014 Should psychological autonomy and not happiness be the focus of positive psychology? A search for the answer
17 Jul 2014 2nd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology
16 Jul 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop: Techniques in Positive Psychology Coaching
16 Jul 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop: Positive Psychotherapy (PPT)
16 Jul 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop: Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry through an AI Summit Experience
16 Jul 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop: Experiential Corporate Training on Positive Psychology
16 Jul 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop: Strength Based Resiliency Program (SBR)
25 Jun 2014 Positive Organizational Behavior with Jamie Gruman, PhD.
13 Jun 2014 Laughter and the Discovery of Where to Find True Happiness
09 Jun 2014 Ce qui fait la différence en thérapie, ce n'est pas toujours ce que l'on pense
28 May 2014 Translating hedonia and eudaimonia into practice: How to pursue both enjoyment and personal growth
19 May 2014 Proposing Purpose as a Promoter of Personal Progress
30 Apr 2014 Educating for Resilience with Greg Evans, PhD.
30 Apr 2014 Passer de la prévention à la promotion de la santé psychologi​que au travail : Les leviers d’action pour favoriser le bien-être psychologi​que dans les organisati​ons
26 Mar 2014 What we know about introversion-extraversion as a trait and in momentary behaviour: Implications for well-being
17 Mar 2014 Wisdom and how to get it
26 Feb 2014 Coaching and Positive Psychology with Andrew Soren, CPCC, MAPP
10 Feb 2014 À la recherche de la volonté
20 Jan 2014 The Science of Happiness and Happy Movie Screening with Louisa Jewell, MAPP
13 Jan 2014 Nurturing Resilience in Challenging Contexts: Why Different Factors Predict Well-being Across Cultures and Settings
04 Nov 2013 Educating for Resilience Conference
28 Oct 2013 Un avant-goût de l’Entretien motivationnel
02 Oct 2013 Using Happiness Interventions in Group Settings: The Happiness 101 Series
25 Sep 2013 Become a Certified Positive Psychology Coach - Applied Positive Psychology Interventions
18 Jun 2013 Soutenir l’espoir après un drame, par Brigitte Lavoie
11 Jun 2013 Appreciative Inquiry; A Powerful Approach for 21st Century Leaders
30 May 2013 Positive Policing: The Next Paradigm Shift
08 May 2013 Lesser known Positive Psychology Strategies and Insights
08 May 2013 Annual General Meeting for members
23 Apr 2013 La Bonté Humaine
25 Mar 2013 Practicing Positive CBT - From Reducing Distress to Building Success
21 Mar 2013 Can Online Positive Psychology Exercises Increase Happiness?
05 Feb 2013 L'intervention orientée vers les solutions
30 Jan 2013 Stress Hardiness: Thriving Under Pressure
18 Dec 2012 Le Bonheur de Vieillir: Une approche « positive» du vieillissement
28 Nov 2012 Defensive Pessimism Implications for Positive Psychology.
25 Oct 2012 L'Optimisme, Quelle Complexité?
11 Oct 2012 Working with Appreciative Inquiry
20 Jul 2012 First Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology
27 Apr 2012 Nature Relatedness and the Happy Path to Sustainability
23 Feb 2012 You Don't Define Me: Coping and Well-being Among People in Marginalized Groups with Dr. Steven Mock
27 Jan 2012 Applying Positive Psychology Interventions with Dr. Tayyab Rashid

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