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Three Myths that Start in Education and Misguide us in Life™

  • 20 Sep 2016
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Online

Three Myths that Start in Education and Misguide us in Life™

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Most schools have become pressure cookers for academic performance, with parents, teachers and students feeling the stress. This presentation is an introduction to Christine Duvivier’s research, identifying Gifts that Conflict with School™ and the Three Myths that Start in Education and Misguide us in Life.™ Christine’s ground-breaking research on students in the bottom 80% of their classes resolves this issue. Author of “What I’d Say if You Wouldn’t Roll Your Eyes… love notes to my child,” and positive change leader, Christine re-frames obstacles, ending the perception “I am not good enough,” while boosting self-efficacy and creating a path to lifetime happiness.

  • How to get off the perfectionism rat-wheel
  • Why digging-in and sticking-with-it may not be the best paths to your full potential
  • Misconceptions about what it means to be unmotivated, underachieving
  • Why “Learning Disability” is a mis-nomer
  • How the worst performer can be the best success-- and the best performer can miss out on a great life

About our speaker:

Christine Duvivier, positive change master and author of "What I'd Say if You Wouldn't Roll Your Eyes... love notes to my child," is an international leader in the red-hot field of positive psychology.

She has mentored, facilitated, spoken and led positive change with thousands of executives, physicians, coaches, individuals, families, teachers, counselors and communities in the US, UK, France, Switzerland, Japan, China, Australia, and other countries.

Christine's work in positive change began with herself, at age 17 when she bought "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference" for her mother, but ended up applying it to her own life and, later, to her work. Her personal use of positive approaches seeped into her career and as a young manager, she led a global positive change that transformed a 55,000-person company, engaging employees at every level and re-igniting customer passion.

Christine Duvivier's passion for positive processes led her to study and work with Drs. Martin Seligman, David Cooperrider, George Vaillant, Chris Peterson, Karen Reivich, founders in the science of positive psychology & well-being. While earning her Master of Positive Psychology, Christine experienced the power of positive change when tragedy struck and she was catapulted into her own post-traumatic growth and resilience.

Her groundbreaking research at UPenn identified what she calls, "The Three Myths that Emerge in Education and Misguide us in Life" and "Gifts that Conflict with School.™" Her mission is helping others discover their own unique paths that unleash hidden gifts and lead each of us to thrive in life.

Audiences and clients say, "I love your authenticity and warmth!" "You helped me release the struggle I have had for 46 years." "You transformed my relationship with my daughter." "You see the best in each of us." "Your coaching helped me make a big sale... helped me become the leader I am... get promoted.... turn problem staff to top performers... engage my team.... get people on board with new strategy and culture.... see the best in me....feel energized."

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