Canadian Positive Psychology Association

The Canadian Positive Psychology  Association

Is Pleased To Announce

A Call For Submissions To Present At The

4th Canadian Conference On Positive Psychology

Submission deadline: January 14, 2018, 12:00 Midnight (EST)

It is our pleasure to invite submissions to present at the 4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology.

The Canadian Positive Psychology Association is a non-profit organization that has hosted 3 highly successful conferences since 2012. It is our mandate is to disseminate knowledge about the science and practice of positive psychology, and to facilitate collaboration and communication amongst all parties interested in this field. Positive psychology is based on research on topics such as predictors, outcomes, and definitions of well-being; strengths of character; living responsibly; positive institutions, organizations, and leadership; and resilience and post traumatic growth.

It was our distinct pleasure to have Barbara Frederickson, Kim Cameron, David Cooperider, Caroline Adams Miller and Lea Waters present at our last conference in 2016.  We are thrilled to announce that our keynote speakers for 2018 will include Kate Hefferon and Tom Rath. Keep checking our website for announcements of other leading researchers who will join us as speakers. 


The conference attracts speakers and delegates from all over the world and we invite you to join us for what will be three days of inspired learning, collaboration and connecting with other leading people in this field.  This conference will allow researchers, clinicians, coaches, organizational specialists, educators, students, and members of the general public to come together to share their findings and insights, best practices, and interest in positive psychology.


 We are currently accepting 5 types of submissions for the conference. We are aiming for equal numbers of sessions on research and practice, addressing any area of positive psychology. We anticipate 56 concurrent sessions over the three days.

When you click on the links provided below, you will be taken to the Call for Proposal submission form. Please review our detailed speaker guidelines and terms of presenting at the top of each proposal form before proceeding to complete the form.

If you have any questions, please contact our Conference Manager, Wayne Greenway at . 

The Call for Proposals for the Scientific Meeting on Well-Being will be released very soon – please keep checking our website.


Organized Symposia are 60-minute presentations by 3-5 individuals who address a common theme or topic in positive psychology (e.g., research lab or organization). 15 minutes should be reserved for questions from the audience. Symposium submissions should include a 200-word general abstract. In the abstract, you will be asked to include references to scholarly articles that support your talk, as our organization emphasizes rigorous research and evidence-based practice. Submissions should also include a 200-word abstract for each symposia presenter as well as a 150-word biography with a brief summary of the presenter's education and work experience.  

CPPA 2018 Call -- 60 Minute Organized Symposia Proposal Form




Researchers with a scientific presentation on the topic of positive psychology may propose an individual paper. Submissions should include a 150-word biography with a brief summary of the presenter's education and work experience, a 200-word abstract, and an indication of which Conference Category apply directly to your paper (Theory / Basic Research, Applied Research or Practice). Your talk should be no longer than 15 minutes There will be 15 minutes at the end of the session where the audience can ask questions of any of the presenters. The conference team will group the individual presentations together into symposia with two other speakers. You will be notified in advance and have an opportunity to coordinate with other presenters before the conference if you wish. If an abstract is not accepted for presentation, it is automatically reviewed for poster presentation and for the scientific meeting.

CPPA 2018 Call -- Individual 20 Min Symposiums Proposal Form



Workshops are 60-minute, dynamic and interactive sessions that focus on either a specific positive psychology intervention, method of practice or assessment. Workshop submissions should include a 150-word biography of the workshop leader(s), a 200-word abstract, and an indication of the general topic to assist the conference team in choosing an appropriately diverse set of topics. Proposals for applied workshops that are not reporting original research should include at least 3 citations of empirical research the workshop is based on. Workshop leaders are also required to provide 2 references that can attest to the workshop leader’s effective delivery.

CPPA 2018 Call -- WORKSHOP Proposal Form


Poster submissions should include a 150-word biography and a 200-word abstract. Submissions presenting research should be formatted to include the following elements: Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

CPPA 2018 Call -- POSTERS Proposal Form


In 2018, the Canadian Positive Psychology Association will launch the 1st Canadian Scientific Meeting on Well-Being..  This one-day meeting designed specifically for researchers will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. More details to follow.


All presentations and workshops are to be directed to one of the following Audiences:

  • Positive Organizational Development/ Business
  • Clinical/Counselling/Therapy/Health
  • Coaching
  • Positive Education
  • General Well-Being
  • Scientists & Junior Scientists at the 1st Canadian Scientific Meeting on Well-Being

The deadline for submissions is January 14, 2018, 12:00 Midnight (EST). You will be informed of the committee’s decision by the week of February 5, 2018.

Please view our DISCLAIMER about the uses and application of positive psychology. 

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