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Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

The Canadian Positive Psychology Association is proud to work in partnership with the Flourishing Centre to bring the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program to our Canadian community.

CAPP is a comprehensive training that is ideal for educators, business innovators and social entrepreneurs, coaches, managers, HR professionals, executives, facilitators, yoga teachers, psychologists and other mental health/wellness practitioners, and more.

In this training, you will:

  • Become well versed in the theory, science and application of positive psychology.
  • Learn to use this knowledge to help individuals, organizations and communities build the six pathways of flourishing: enhanced positive emotions, experiences of engagement, meaning, authentic positive relationships, accomplishment and vitality.
  • Understand how positive psychology practitioners use validated measures of well-being and tested interventions to inform their work.
  • Discover how to use this knowledge in flourishing to create and test new interventions.
  • Join a community of dedicated change agents to collaborate with and learn from.
  • Earn a certificate as a positive psychology practitioner.

Toronto, ON

22 Sept 2018

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Calgary, AB

27 Oct 2018

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Please view our DISCLAIMER about the uses and application of positive psychology. 

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