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The 1st Educating for Resilience Conference (November 2012)


Educating for Resilience, was a one-day Conference for teachers, counsellors, educators, and positive psychology practitioners.  Educating for Resilience focused on how to apply positive psychology and resilience techniques in an educational setting in order to improve the psychological health of youth in Canada. While traditional mental health programs focus on coping with mental illness, Educating for Resilience provides the strategies and techniques to increase positive mental health and fitness – a rapidly growing paradigm in the psychological community.


Speaker Series. From left to right: Dr. Afroze Anjum, Louisa Jewell, Dr. Jane Gillham,

Sherri Fisher, Dr. Tayyab Rashid, Dr. Greg Wells


Testimonials - Here is what some participants said about the Educating for Resilience Conference: 


"In a word, this one-day workshop was superb. Thank you for putting it on!...thank you all for the many hours that went into this day of networking, inspiration and affirmation. This day far exceeded my expectations!"


"I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's conference...The speakers were excellent and had such invaluable insight/information to share.  I learned so much and look forward to continue my learning in the area.  It was great that you brought this to UTS.  I'm hoping that school will be able to build on this with the students and staff."


"I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say THANK YOU --- you are your team did a wonderful job with the conference yesterday. I am completely re-energized and ready to make a dent in my corner of this world :-) ... looking forward to upcoming CPPA events!"


"Thank you for presenting a rich and rewarding conference.  I enjoyed all the speakers.  While they were diverse, for the most part they stayed on task....educating for resilience.  The inquiry and intention, to educate for resilience, is essential.  The speakers provided me with much food for thought."


"We had a full room of people listening to the presentations.  It validated a lot of what we do.  At the same time,  there was so much that was either new thinking for us or things that we needed to be reminded to do.  I liked the broad range of areas touched on including biology, leadership and sport."


Louisa Jewell, President of CPPA

Introduction to Positive Psychology


Dr. Jane Gillham, Psychologist and Researcher

Positive Education: Using the Science of Positive

Psychology to Help Students Thrive


Dr. Tayyab Rashid, Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist

Strength-Based Resilience



                                                           Heather Henricks & Rosemary Evans

(University of Toronto Schools)



Maureen McKenna, Greg Evans, Rebecca Summers,

Jane Watkins     





 Sherri Fisher, MAPP, MEd

Spotting and Managing Strengths for Gritty

Self-Regulation and Achievement



 Louisa Jewell and Sherri Fisher



Lisa Sansom, Louisa Jewell and Greg Evans



Dr. Greg Wells

Renewal, Resiliency and Revitalization




The Conference was live-streamed




Posters at the Conference by

the UTS Wellness Committee

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