Canadian Positive Psychology Association

Mindfulness in Positive Psychology

  • 08 Jun 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar

Presenter: Dr. Itai Ivtzan 

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most popular interventions in psychology, the interest in which grows year after year. Positive psychology (PP) is the fastest developing branch of psychology, whose expanding journey of investigating human flourishing has attracted great interest. What happens when these two are brought together?

This webinar will inform you about the fascinating points of convergence between mindfulness and PP. We will explore various mindfulness programs focused on increasing positive variables, such as meaning, compassion, positive emotions, strengths, and gratitude. These programs are flourishing-focused, thereby embodying the spirit of PP. We will also examine how certain popular mindfulness programs are deficit-focused (aimed at decreasing mental illness), and consequently less relevant to the goals of PP interventions.


Dr Itai Ivtzan is passionate about the combination of psychology and spirituality. It makes his heart sing. He is convinced that if we befriend both psychology and spirituality, and succeed in introducing them into our lives, we will all become super heroes, and gain strengths of awareness, courage, resilience, and compassion. 

He is a positive psychologist, senior lecturer, and program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London (UEL). He is also an honorary senior research associate at the University College London (UCL). 

He is the author/co-author of: Awareness is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality, Mindfulness in Positive Psychology: The Science of Meditation and Well beingSecond Wave Positive Psychology: Embracing the Dark Side of Life, Applied Positive Psychology: Integrated Positive Practice. For info about his work please visit:

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